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Embracing Sustainability: Infinite Orbits signed the ESA Zero Debris Charter

As we look toward the stars, the urgency for sustainable space practices has never been more pressing. The space ecosystem is increasingly cluttered with defunct satellites and orbital debris, posing significant risks to active missions and the long-term usability of space. This issue stems from the unsustainable utilization of space resources and the traditional use-and-throw approach. To address this growing concern, the European Space Agency (ESA) has introduced the Zero Debris Charter, aiming for a debris-neutral space environment by 2030.

Group picture with the Signatories, Zero Debris Charter signing ceremony

The ESA Zero Debris Charter: A Collaborative Effort

The Zero Debris Charter is a groundbreaking initiative with multiple major commercial and institutional signatories, marking a collective commitment to space sustainability. The Charter aims to foster international cooperation, enforce robust regulatory frameworks, and promote the adoption of best practices for satellite design and deployment.

Infinite Orbits CEO Adel Haddoud signing the Charter

Infinite Orbits is proud to join this esteemed group of signatories. Our participation underscores our dedication to leading the charge in sustainable space operations.

Infinite Orbits’ Commitment to Space Sustainability

Adel Haddoud with Prof. Quentin Verspieren, Space Safety Programme Coordinator

At Infinite Orbits, we are at the forefront of the sustainability movement by developing innovative, software-centric spacecraft for in-orbit servicing. Our pure vision-based autonomous navigation system revolutionizes how we conduct space missions, making our operations more streamlined, autonomous, and sustainable.

Our technology enables us to develop a New space spacecraft that can perform high-value missions such as extending the life of multi-ton GEO assets. This approach significantly reduces the material required and the potential for creating new debris. By using smaller, more efficient servicer assets, we ensure that our impact on the space environment is minimal while maximizing the operational lifespan of existing satellites.

Looking Ahead: A Sustainable Future for Space

Signing the ESA Zero Debris Charter is just the beginning. At Infinite Orbits, our mission is to continuously innovate and lead in space sustainability. We believe that by advancing our technologies and collaborating with global partners, we can actively contribute to a safer and more sustainable space ecosystem.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can ensure that space remains a frontier of opportunity for all.


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