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Orbit Guard™

Meet Orbit Guard™, the forefront of commercial European nanosatellite for In-Situ Surveillance sensors designed exclusively for GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit). Powered by our pioneering Autonomous Vision-Based Navigation Solution, we provide unparalleled services such as in orbit inspection and Space Situational Awareness. 

Rely on the Orbit Guard™ fleet for data collection & rapid threat assessments. Through the utilization of Infinite Orbits' advanced Rendez Vous technology, Orbit Guard™ Satellites excel in close-up inspections and autonomous maneuvers, setting a new standard in safeguarding our orbital assets.

Orbit Guard™ may offer these different services, depending on our customer needs: 

  • Space Situational Awareness in-situ data in geostationary orbit.

  • Active inspection of our customer geostationary asset. 

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