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Hispasat and Infinite Orbits are delighted to announce their collaborative efforts in analysing a life extension mission, utilizing Endurance, Infinite Orbits’ GEO satellite life extension service solution. 

infinite orbits shaking hands with hispasat for their collaboration

Both entities are enthusiastic about advancing the development of a European life extension service solution for GEO satellites. Infinite Orbits serves as the service provider, while Hispasat acts as the recipient of this service. They recognize the substantial commercial demand for this type of service on a global scale and believe it is financially viable for both GEO satellite operators and life extension service providers, especially once the majority of non-recurring development costs are absorbed and a competitive design and manufacturing approach is considered.

The parties emphasize that the creation of a European Life Extension service solution is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge for the broader European Space Industry and, specifically, for European satellite service providers. 


Infinite Orbits is dedicated to presenting a European-made, state-of-the-art replicable technical solution developed in Toulouse, France, by the end of 2026 or the beginning of 2027. Additionally, they plan to showcase a real-life, replicable use case of such service supporting the international expansion of Hispasat—a prominent European satellite operator. This collaboration will demonstrate the inaugural European life extension service in GEO. 


According to the agreement, both parties target finalizing the corresponding satellite life extension service contract in the first half of 2024.

After the successful launch and start of commercial service of our first line of GEO-Orbit services with Orbit Guard # in 2023, we are proud to partner with Hispasat for the launch of our second line of GEO orbit services, proposing a real-life commercial mission leveraging our GEO satellite Life Extension solution Endurance to extend the operational and commercial life of an important satellite of the Hispasat fleet. This first mission will help us materialize the substantial pipeline of international commercial prospects that we have constituted over the past months, contributing to the international development of the European Space Industry as a net positive contributor to the French and European economy.

-Adel HADDOUD, CEO of Infinite Orbits


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