INFINITE ORBITS brings low cost, reliable in-orbit services
to satellite operators

We develop and operate life extension platforms with a new space approach to extend the operational lifetime of in-orbit GEO telecommunication satellites
and deliver optimized satellite fleet management solutions



Growing out of a NASA challenge at Columbia University, Infinite Orbits was founded in 2017 by aerospace engineers and telecom entrepreneurs to bring new-space based solutions to satellite operators around the globe.


We have since gained dynamic international support from ESA/InnovateUK, the Stanford Space Rendezvous Lab, investors connected to the telecom industry, and established satellite manufacturers in Europe through infrastructure, technical expertise and funding.

Based in Toulouse, France, and Singapore, we recruited experienced space talent, and are collaborating with the world's leading experts in the industry to enable GEO satellite life extension options for global telecommunications companies, at a fraction of market costs.


We are building core competency in two areas:

  • Autonomous space navigation. A plug and play module which allows satellites to track other satellites using several optical sensors and a computer, and which ultimately will be utilized for situational awareness (SSA), high precision formation flying and rendezvous operations between satellites.

  • Docking. A mechanical docking system which can anchor our satellites to other satellites. This system targets features that are currently common to 90% of satellites.

The combination of these two capabilities is a core competency which will become building blocks of
many crucial future applications in the space industry
in the next 10 - 20 years.

A revolution in spacecraft design will move us towards modular, fractionated and other systems which will allow satellites to be rapidly upgradeable space platforms instead of customized, single mission oriented relics of the past. Core competency in navigation will be crucial for these platforms to thrive.


To make our vision come true we have sought out the foremost experts in the field. World class people from the Stanford Rendezvous lab and MIT have joined us to develop these technologies and deliver these services.


Infinite Orbits brings together experts from the GNC, Computer vision, satellite development and telecom service fields with previous or current experience at SSL, IIT, Inmarsat and Kacific guiding our team.


Our team members and advisors have successfully executed a number of missions:

  • Skynet 5

  • PRISMA Rendezvous mission

  • SSL GEO Satellites

  • CanadArm

  • Inmarsat 3

  • Kacific 1



In-orbit services

Infinite Orbits can offer different services through its line of Endurance satellites:

  • Space Situational Awareness

  • Autonomous collision avoidance 

  • Satellite inspection

  • Life extension (up to 5 years) and relocation

  • Disposal to graveyard orbit

Bringing Into Use (BIU)

Infinite Orbits offers a turnkey service to bring satellite orbital slots into use as a secondary mission to our rendezvous IOD. We work with partners to combine the proper insurance and regulatory framework to deliver these services in L, Ku, Ka and Q/V bands.

Why Infinite Orbits?

Working with Infinite Orbits as a company, through its single purpose, 5 year lifetime small satellite platform, gives access to the following advantages:

  • Low cost: most affordable offering on the market

  • Customization: single use satellites allow satellites with unique requirements to still be serviced

  • High maturity of solution: demonstration mission in real conditions means technologies are de-risked


We use AI techniques to estimate the position and orientation of our satellites

at high precision

Computer Vision

Computer vision

We use self correcting models that are orbit agnostic, to develop cm level precision rendezvous and docking trajectories

Guidance and control

want to work on interesting problems?

We are looking for people with experience in:
  • GAN & CNN networks
  • Software testing
  • Hardware implementation


We have partnered with satellite manufacturers, investors and customers around the world, and would be thrilled to explore opportunities with you.