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Our Services

We use new space technology and advanced tracking and navigation software to provide turn key services, giving satellite operators new options in orbital slot, asset, and fleet management at lower costs.

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Infinite Orbits provides Life Extension Services for GEO satellites, to support our customers in their fleet management decisions.
We enable them to extend the mission lifetime of their assets and replacing heavy capital investment by an operational service.


Our Servicer is providing 5 years extension with possible full AOCS take-over. The first service will be operational starting 2025.

Image by Gabriele Garanzelli


With resident space objects posing an ever-increasing threat to operating satellites, Space Situational Awareness has become a capability of paramount importance. 


Orbit Guard Technology is providing In-Situ Intelligence for Space Surveillance, covering SST, SSA and SDA.


2 Orbit Guard satellites will be launched in GEO in 2023 & 2024 to provide initial service to our customers.

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