Our first generation Servicers, "OrbitGuard", are scheduled to obtain flight heritage in our first 2 missions in Geostationary Orbit.

OrbitGuard is an autonomous navigation system capable of both far and near range navigation for satellite Rendezvous and Docking. It can handle SSA and Inspection Missions.

OrbitGuard will be capable of detecting a target at a distance
of several hundred kilometres. It will be able to perform pose estimation of an object, with robustness, against extreme lighting conditions, regardless of its background and with a centimetre-level accuracy at a 10m distance. Its capability of providing a high accuracy pose solution is estimated at a 95% or higher rate.


OrbitGuard - 1, slated for launch in September 2022, will demonstrate the following capabilities:

  • Attitude determination

  • Debris detection

  • Relative Orbit estimation and tracking

  • Manoeuvre planning

OrbitGuard - 2, slated for launch in January 2023, will demonstrate in orbit the following capabilities:

  • Near Range Rendezvous

  • Satellite inspection

  • Formation flying