• Today's GEO satellites have 15 year lifetimes, disconnected with the rapid advances in telecommunication technologies

  • Operators have to make a difficult, long-term and expensive choice to secure their revenue by purchasing GEO satellites for USD 200M+, requiring them to predict demand and price levels for the next 15 years

  • Substitutes such as HTS platforms, LEO constellations and ground based systems will enter the supply side capacity in the next 5 years, causing uncertainty for the future of these platforms

  • Extend the lifetime of a GEO communications satellite without any extra CAPEX investment from the operator, postponing replacement for up to 5 years while maintaining revenue

  • Create optionality for telecom operators to adapt and observe the evolution of other solutions before making another USD 200M bet

  • Optimize an operators' fleet by combining extension services with BIU and relocation of current satellites to the most interesting markets

  • Single use satellites allows us to customize our platform to unique requirements, bringing the most optimal solutions to unique GEO architectures

  • Combining new approaches in converting LEO technologies for GEO use, with experienced partners allows to bring the lowest cost to the industry while maintaining reliability

  • Development of orbit agnostic Guidance, Navigation and Control and non-cooperative optical tracking technologies


  • Our novel approach allows us to reduce pricing significantly for our customers

  • Satellite operators and telecoms can assess the impacts of upcoming new technologies' market impact before drastic readjustments to GEO satellite economics

  • The operator can continue to realize the value of his orbital slots and fix today’s income levels for an incremental 5 years at lower incremental unit costs



  • Single use satellite: one servicer for one client

  • Target agnostic GNC & docking systems allow thorough customization while respecting timelines

  • Bespoke solution through greater engagement

  • Right team: motivated industry veterans with dynamic talented young engineers

Low risk & low cost targets:

  • In-orbit demonstration based risk mitigation

  • Rigorous review process to choose the right partners and suppliers - competent, low cost and agile offering, with out of the box yet pragmatic solutions

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