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Avionics Architect and Systems Engineer

Toulouse, France

Job Type

Full Time

About the Company

Established in 2017, Infinite Orbits is a NewSpace company, based in Toulouse, pushing

the boundaries of in-orbit services with cutting-edge spacecraft driven by its own

Rendez-Vous solution, an advanced Autonomous Vision-Based Navigation Solution. IO

has two generations of missions

  • "Orbit Guard" provides Inspection and Space Situational Awareness services in

    GEO. Our first, OG-1 was launched on 1 May 2023, the second is launching in

    2025 and the third third launching in 2026.

  • "Endurance" is a docking service capable of extending the life of GEO telecom

    satellites, by taking over AOCS takeover for 5 years.

About the Role

To complete our dynamic and international team, we are looking for a profile of an experienced Avionics architect and systems engineer!


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace, electronics or electrical Engineering or equivalent

    higher qualification.

  • 7+ years of relevant experience in working with satellite design, manufacturing and


  • Strong experience in systems engineering

  • Strong experience in AIV

  • Knowledgeable in GNC

  • Experience in working with satellites electronics systems such as power systems

    (such as solar panels, PCDU, batteries), Communications systems (RF hardware,

    SDR, antennas), flatsats and GSE.

  • Have a good understanding of various modulation, encryption and CCSDS

    standards, PUS packets.

  • Pro-activeness and ability to work in a self-directed, fast-paced and

    result-oriented environment.

  • Organised profile.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • We value team spirit and problem-solving.

Good to have:

  • Master's degree in embedded, electrical, electronics, software or mechatronics


  • Knowledge of PCB design software such as Altum

  • Knowledge of CAD design software such as Onshape, CATIA or Solidworks

  • Experience with GNU radio, RF test equipment

  • Coding abilities in python and C

  • The French Language is a plus.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build overall system architectures (power, data, RF)

  • Owner of link budgets

  • Understand design drivers and carry out trade-offs to build the spacecraft

    system-level design that includes a selection of concepts for bus voltage, power

    generation, storage and distribution, latch-up protection and redundancy.

  • Select heaters, temperature sensors, motor drivers and data acquisition systems for

    the same.

  • Work with subsystem suppliers at all phases - searching, vetting, RFI/ RFP, SoW

    definition, negotiation, monitoring and reviewing.

  • Build and manage the avionics AIV methodology with associated hardware,

    including harnesses, adapter boards, check-out panels, GSE design, manufacturing,

    and testing.

  • Select appropriate new space standards for carrying out quality and reliability

    control, including derating analysis, qualification and acceptance.

  • Assist in developing flight software at the application level.

  • Develop module-level verification plan (A,I,R,T) and carry out verification for 3rd

    party and in-house developed electronics modules.

  • Assist in designing avionics for IO's RdV sensors and computers, including selection

    of components, PCB designing and production, assembly and end-to-end testing.

  • Design radiation test campaigns if needed.

  • Assist in building FDIR strategy by understanding fault modes of all avionics


What we offer

  • The opportunity to be part of an international team transforming the space industry.

  • A creative and innovative work environment where ideas turn into reality.

  • Competitive salary and benefits.

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