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About Us

Shaping the future of In - Orbit Servicing

Infinite Orbits is a Newspace company founded by Telecommunication entrepreneurs and Aerospace Engineers. With a vision to provide reliable, turnkey in - orbit services to satellite operators all over the world and a business driven approach to traditional life extension in GEO, the company is supporting its customers in their fleet management from frequency application and inspection to life-extension.

Infinite Orbits has roots in Silicon Valley and Columbia University. The company was founded in 2017, following a NASA challenge at Columbia University. It was initially set up in Singapore and partnered with experts from the Stanford Rendezvous lab and MIT.

Since 2021, the company has been based in Toulouse, Occitanie, the European capital of Aeronautics and Space. With offices in France, Singapore and Silicon Valley, Infinite Orbits brings together experts from the GNC, computer vision, satellite development and telecom service fields with previous or current experience at SSL, IIT, Inmarsat and Kacific.


With two generations of in - orbit services, Autonomous Space Navigation and Docking, Infinite Orbits is ready to provide high - end NewSpace solutions to cover all satellite servicing needs.

Satellite over earth breaking apart and light coming through

Meet The Team

In Infinite Orbits, we believe that the core element of a company is its people. A driven, diverse team of professionals, experienced and innovative,
is what makes us stand out. Our team members and advisors have
contributed to a number of missions:​

  • Skynet 5           

  • PRISMA Rendezvous mission

  • SSL GEO Satellites                   

  • CanadArm

  • Inmarsat 3

  • Kacific 1

  • Exomars

  • Alphabus

  • Sentinel-6

  • Eurostar-NEO

Adel Haddoud Portrait.jpeg

Adel Haddoud

CEO & Co-Founder



Akshay Gulati

CTO & Co-Founder

Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Manos Koumantakis

Chief Architect & Co-Founder

Columbia University


Yasmin Hassan


Insead, MBA


Francois Mazieres


Ecole Centrale, PMP, Scrum, Black Belt

For spontaneous CV submissions, please contact us at

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